La Sfera

The spherical shape is the only one that is
perfect.When the surface looks old and
decrepit, underneath a new skin is just ready
to emerge and show himself to the universe.

La Band

La Sfera was born in september 2006 from the remains of "Golfo Mistico”.They play alternative metal music, with a bit of progressive influences.

 The members are: Daniel Pucci on the voice, Giulio Nardini on guitars, Daniele Roccagli on keyb and synth, marco Pulcini on bass guitar and Antonello Rabuffi on drums.

In the summer of 2008, after two years of live sets and songwriting, "La Fabbrica Dei Suoni Irraggiungibili” was published.

It is a concept album based on human emotions, very delicate and psychedelic.

In 2012, with Flavio Pampena on the bass and Attilio Pampena as secondary guitarist,  La Sfera is in studio again to produce "Where Man Breaks”. It is a concept album too, characterized by dreamlike and dark atmospheres and a more aggressive sound.

Right after the recordings, Daniele Granati takes the place of Flavio pampena on bass guitar.

  • Album
  • Where Man Breaks

  • 2013

  • Album
  • La Fabbrica dei suoni irraggiungibili

  • 2008

Anteprima album

Where Man Breaks

La Band

"Where Man Breaks" tells the exact time when the man has given up. We are in an hypotetical future world where technology and industry are overwhelming. Planet Earth is cold and exhausted. Megalopolis cannot stand the growth of population and pollution anymore.One day Mother Earth wakes up. A black mud slowly moves forward, it submerges and absorbs evertything. It is slow, relentless... almost romantic.The gift that humankind was given in the beginning, a so blooming and wealthy planet, was not understood. Men run away form their existences looking for a shelter, but they will not find one.Billions of people, at the same time, in the entire world, give up.The first new sunrise is just coming.

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Shining Diamond @ Cantinaccia

La Sfera

Oh Mother @ Cantinaccia

La Sfera

Sixther @ Cantinaccia

La Sfera
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Mobile: +39 338 8853488


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Trevor Sadist for Nadir Promotion Agency
Via P.D. da Bissone, 1 cr/n 16153 Genoa, Italy
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Daniel Pucci - Voice
Antonello Rabuffi - Drums
Giulio Nardini - Guitar
Attilio Pampena - Guitar
Daniele Roccagli - Keyb & Synth
Daniele Granati - Bass Guitar

Mirko Marcelli - The awesome, gorgeous, irreplaceable, smart and pleasing Manager of the band!!


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La Band

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La Band

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La Band

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La Band

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La Band

Thanks to my parents, my sisters Gemma and Francesca, my brother-in-law Jean Pierre, Cadaangiù, Emiliano Massarut, Stefano Micarelli, Steven Wilson, my students, my Grandfather for always trusting me, all my friends, and all the shitting people i met in this past two years, cause they forced me to dig deep into me to understand how much the music and this project are important to me.

Thanks to Flavia Polidori for loving and supporting me, ReEsistenze for the mighty journey.
My family, Flavio, Elisa, Rossano, Emanuele, Roberto and Fabio Tuttoquanto, Mariano, Il Matteo, Federico and Aurora and their big clan, Il Gelso, Nazzaro and il CeIS, all the fellow-traveller that helped me to grow up. Mirko Vita for the best memories and the inspiration. Samuele Abbafati for the lessons about life. Matteo Cavola for always believing in me. I love you all and i miss you.

I'd like to thank my dearest for the gived support, during the realization of the project:
Thanks to my mom and dad, who gave me a musical ear. My brother Christian, who inspired it all in a dream. Il Frezzo, that is always there to listen my deliriuos tales. The Maistro, who teached my how to listen to music. Mappa, for all those stoned nights...
Hallenbeck, who showed me the backface of things....and all you people, you helped me by being the perfect characters. And thank to you, my love, for being there "con tutto il tuo essere".

A special thank to Righetto & Family.
A special thank to Jean Claude, Adriàn and Emanuelè de Filibert de Savoiard.
A special thank to Miss
A special Thank to Lela
They all have something in common: they helped me through this journey to became a better person.

Thanks to Mom and Dad for their dedication, they are my models. Thanks to Lalla for simpleness and lightness. Thanks to my old friends, for their persistence and pre – existence. Thanks to the friends of the LNI, they are my miracle drug. Thanks to my academic mates, to the Glory Divers, the Graz, the Glory and the Metalit users. Thanks to Il Dono and ReEsistenze for always sharing something important. Thanks to Christian, Ettore, D, I's. Thanks to Daniel, Daniele, Giulio, Attilio because togheter we are architects and parents and mechanisms. Thanks to my curiosity and obstinacy. Thanks to the Pulse, cause It keeps me alive and breathing.

La Band

Label Manager:
Federico Gasperi for Buil2Kill Records

Buil2kill Records is a division of Nadir Music S.r.l.

Where Man Breaks credits:
Bass on 2,3,4,6 - Lorenzo Mancini
Bass on 1,7,8,9,10 - Flavio Pampena
Backing Vocals on 1,4,5,10 - Catiuscia Abbafati

All songs written by La Sfera and Flavio Pampena
Lyrics by Daniel Pucci

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Claudio Spagnuoli
@ Oz Record Studio (may - sept 2012)

Mastering by Greg Calbi @Sterling Studio (feb 2013)

Artworks: Emanuele Frezzolini
Pictures: Sofia Bucci

La Fabbrica Dei Suoni Irraggiungibili credits:
Bass - Marco Pulcini
Backing vocals on 8 - Diana Vasconi

All songs written by La Sfera and Marco Pulcini
Lyrics by Antonello Rabuffi

Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by
La Sfera and Roberto Scioni (may - sept 2008)
Recording support: Christian Lenci

Graphics: Ricky Andreoni